How much does it cost to join the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    Coupa, the technology provider behind LEO, doesn't charge suppliers to use the portal.

    Where do I sign up / log in to the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    You can request an invitation to join the Coupa Supplier Network through LEO or directly visit

    What is LEO and what is Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)?
    Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is your customer and Coupa is the technology partner.
    LEO is the name of the technology stack being used by Sanofi Consumer Healthcare for Source2Pay activities. The technology is powered by Coupa. The Coupa Supplier Portal is the section for suppliers to track their activities like onboarding, purchase orders, invoicing etc.

    How do I know I'm connected to LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    Once you're signed into the portal, scroll down to the bottom right side of the page. Here  you’ll see your Latest Customers - Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (LEO) should be visible to you.

    How do I see my purchase orders (POs) in  the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    Click on the menu icon, and select Orders. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer,  select Sanofi Consumer Healthcare / LEO’s name from the dropdown menu.

    Where can I find payment information on the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    Click on the menu icon and select Invoices. Payment status will be on the invoice, above the line  item description.

    If I use the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal, who pays me?
    Sanofi Consumer Healthcare is responsible for paying suppliers directly. LEO is the technology stack powered by Coupa, and Coupa does not pay suppliers on behalf of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

    How do I create an invoice that isn't backed by a PO?
    You can only send non PO-backed invoices if your supplier code is set up for it in the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal. You can contact the Supplier Enablement team at to be able to create invoices without a backing document, should you be eligible.

    How do I change the price on a PO?
    You cannot change a price on a PO through the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal. If you need a change order on a PO, reach out to your  point of contact at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

    How do I invoice a blanket PO?
    You can invoice multiple times against a single PO, up to the total amount mentioned on the PO. Just click the gold coin icon for the PO as you normally would, and enter the amount you'd like to appear on the invoice. The next time you want to invoice against the PO, just do the same thing.
    Is there a way, in the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal, to only view POs that haven’t yet been invoiced? Currently, you can only view all your PO but you are unable to filter PO based on their invoiced status.

    What is the purpose of PO acknowledgment by the supplier?
    You can let Sanofi Consumer Healthcare know that you've received the order through this. It will generate an email notification to them.

    How many times will LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal try to resend a PO that wasn't able to be sent?
    If a PO transmission results in a connection timeout because there was no response from the  supplier, LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal will try to resend the PO up to four times at five minute intervals.

    How do I create an invoice?
    In the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal, click on the menu at the top right and then select Orders. In the Select Customer dropdown, choose the desired customer – Sanofi Consumer Healthcare/LEO. In the PO table that appears, choose the PO you would like to invoice, and then click on the yellow coins to create an invoice.

    How do I create an invoice if there's no PO?
    Most invoices submitted to LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal will require a PO. However, if you have approval and are properly configured in the system to do so, click on the menu at the top right, and then select  Invoices. In the Select Customer dropdown, choose the desired customer. Click Create on the page  that appears.

    How do I know if an invoice has been registered?
    Click on the menu at the top right, and then select Invoices. Look for invoices that are still  listed as drafts. They need to be edited and then submitted. If the invoice is not there, then it's not  in the system.

    What does the status "Tolerance Hold" on an invoice mean?
    It means your invoiced amount differs from the PO by more than LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal allows without manual approval. If an invoice has been on hold for a while, ask your Sanofi Consumer Healthcare counterpart to review it.

    Why can't I edit, void, or delete an invoice?
    Once an invoice has been submitted, it can't be changed in any way. However, you still have options:
    Ask your Sanofi Consumer Healthcare counterpart to reject or void the existing invoice. You can then create a new one.
    Create a new credit memo that credits the customer for the original value, and then create a  new invoice.

    How do I add shipping charges to an invoice?
    Add shipping charges at the bottom of the invoice.

    How do I make a partial claim on an invoice?
    You can invoice multiple times against a single PO. Just click the gold coin icon and enter the amount  you'd like to appear on the invoice.

    How do I create a credit memo?
    Sign into the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal and select Orders from the menu at  the top right. Choose the PO you’d like to create a credit for and select the gold coins.
    Note: If your customer has given you permission to create invoices without a backing document,  select Invoices from the menu. At the bottom of the page, click Credit Note.

    How do I credit or cancel an invoice that's already been billed?
    Once an invoice is submitted, it can't be changed in any way. See “How do I create a credit  memo?” or “Why can't I edit, void, or delete an invoice?” – both listed above - for more info.

    What does the Export button do?
    You can export the rows to an Excel document.

    Do I need to include accounting information on cXML invoices?
    Invoices against a PO don't need accounting information, since that info is part of the requisition,  and is carried over to the PO. When an invoice references a PO line number, Coupa takes the  accounting information associated with the line and adds it to the invoice.

    Once an invoice has been approved, what do I need to do next?
    Nothing. The invoice is in LEO’s queue and you'll be paid based on the payment terms with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

    What do I do if an invoice was rejected?
    If it is not clear, connect with your Sanofi Consumer Healthcare counterpart to determine why the invoice was rejected in the first  place, then create a new invoice to replace the one that was rejected.

    What if I have an invoice that hasn't been paid?
    If your invoice is within terms, you will need to wait until those term requirements are met before  receiving payment. If your invoice is past due, contact your Sanofi Consumer Healthcare counterpart directly to investigate.

    How do I learn about hosting my catalog within LEO?
    Reach out to the Supplier Enablement team at and express your  interest in setting up a catalog. Suppliers with successful catalogs have fixed pricing set with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare  and are able to invoice in the same way that the catalog is set up. It may be  mandatory that you have a contract in place to set up a catalog, depending on the contracting policy applicable to you.

    Do I need to see a PO on the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal before I can invoice?
    Most likely you will need a PO prior to invoicing Sanofi Consumer Healthcare. In some very limited instances, rather in case of specific exceptions, LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal may allow for an invoice to be submitted without a PO. Contact  the Supplier Enablement team at and ask if this a good set-up for your organization.

    How do I implement cXML punchout on my website?
    You'll need a dedicated cXML developer or a 3rd party consultant, to make your website cXML  compliant. Once your site is cXML ready, provide your credentials to your Sanofi Consumer Healthcare counterpart. They'll handle  the rest. You can get more information at

    How can a supplier add an employee to their company account on the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal?
    From the menu, select Admin. Choose the User tab and click Invite User. Provide the required info  in the window that opens.

    What options are available for me to submit invoices to my customers?
    LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal offers the following methods to submit invoices:
    The Coupa Supplier Network, where you sign in to flip a PO to create an invoice
    cXML, where you can automate the process of sending an invoice file using Coupa's standard  cXML format
    Supplier Actionable Notifications, where you invoice directly from the emailed PO by flipping it to an invoice
    Other setups are available on a limited and one-by-one basis.

    How do I cancel my LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal account?
    If you're no longer doing business with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare on the LEO (Coupa) Supplier Portal, ask the team to make you inactive in the system.

    For any support or clarifications, our onboarded supplier partners can call our Helpdesk in their respective countries :

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