Welcome to the CAPT Public Page!

This is your one-stop shop for information and documents related to the Sanofi activity you are working on. Each pilar contains the documents you need for the conduct of the program or the project, Click on the pilar related to your activity.

  • Patient Programs refers to PSP (Patient Support Program), PAP (Patient Assistance Program), and CPP (Combination Patient Program)

  • Market Research refers to Customized Primary Market Research (PMR), Customized Syndicated PMR, Active Social Media Listening (Prospective analysis), Syndicated Secondary Market Research (SMR), Non-Customized Syndicated PMR, and Passive Social Media Listening as well as services applying the Sanofi standard of Conduct of Market Research

  • Digital Properties refers to the monitoring of websites, web pages, blogs, social media, networks, channels, internet fora, chat rooms, health portals and mobile applications collecting information, Active Social Media Listening, eCommerce platforms, sponsorship to third party (social influence campaigns, congresses, medical education, etc.)

  • “Other activities” refers to outsourced activities that are different from Patient Programs, Market Research, or Digital Properties

If you are a newcomer to the activity, you need to complete your PV training before starting the field work. Check the iLearn instructions in the pilar applicable to your activity, and follow them step by step.

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