Our Priorities

Sanofi Procurement priorities are structured around 4 major levers:

  1. Make Business Ethics and Compliance our best allies to enforce the execution of our strategies by category of spend.
    • Comply with regulations and policies (such as anti-corruption regulations): Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US FCPA), UK Bribery Act.
  2. Be focused on the CSR suppliers’ performance to secure our sourcing and protect the Group’s image & reputation.
    • Fully embed Responsible Procurement into a holistic Procurement Risk Management Approach.
    • Be focused on the CSR suppliers performance and corrective action plans to secure our sourcing.
  3. Quantify with facts the Social Responsibility in our sourcing strategies.
    • Contribute to the Group’s results and Increase Procurement score (ex: Dow Jones Sustainable Index).
    • Promote and Support the supplier’s diversity.
    • Standardize & optimize our CSR process & management system.
  4. On board the suppliers' innovation to create a differentiating value chain.
    • Be innovative and use CSR as a lever to seek for supplier’s innovation, sharing risks & rewards.
    • Optimize transparency of the CSR evaluation process with our suppliers.

Sanofi procurement academy

Our aim is to offer the most inspiring Procurement competency development program.

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