Excipients Innovation Days: a source for Inspiration!

The Excipients Innovation Days have welcome the 19th and 20th of November 2014 in Croix de Berny, Sanofi representatives from the various entities of our Group (Consumer HealthCare, Generics, R&D, Merial, Global External Manufacturing) and were oriented around the Solid Dosage Forms.

A transversal network of formulators is now created to capture our suppliers Innovations and share knowledge on Excipients through dedicated databases.

The suppliers have been carefully selected in total alignment with the Procurement strategies. The objective was to reinforce attractiveness of Sanofi as a partner and benefit from their expertise. They valued the 2 days exchanges, and the in depth brainstorming on Innovation, as a strong incentive to share any bright ideas with Sanofi first.

This initiative is a second step in the building of a methodology for “Excellence in Excipients management”, and comes after the previous “first intention Catalog” now used within the various formulation Labs and plants.


Three thematics were driving the 2 days exchanges:

  • “Excipients and cost control”,
  • “Reproducibility Quality from Lab to Market”,
  • “Early capture of supplier’s innovations to be turned as competitive advantage in our products”.

Potential opportunities have been identified, either for new excipients or new methodologies as:

  • At the start of the new projects, make early prototypes available, and look for “signatures” to differentiate our products.
  • Support the suppliers, using the versatility of our expertise (Quality, Regulatory, Analytical sciences…) while developing new “all in one” excipients.
  • Make best use of the Global dimension of Procurement, to circulate information and needs between the three partners: Suppliers, Developers, Procurement.
  • Involve the Lean/SMS/SMU platform, to evaluate Global Costs associated with the use of new excipients and associated manufacturing technologies.

Contact: Philippe Maschio

Watch the video to discover testimonies of our suppliers, our internal business partners & Procurement leaders:

Video - Excipients Innovation Days: a source for Inspiration!