Our Values

Our Procurement values support our mission. They are part of our DETERMINED pursuit of professional excellence and continuous improvement of Procurement practices, processes and systems.

Relations with our suppliers must be conducted with INTEGRITY and be focused on producing SUSTAINABLE value while maintaining good balance. We must be demanding, OPEN and honest. An uncooperative, unbalanced relationship will inevitably lead to failure.

There must be continuous, OPEN, precise and formal exchange on our strategies and those of our suppliers. Only through mutual understanding can we attain maximum value, minimize mutual risks and enable value innovation.

The inherent complexity of our business and the constant evolution of its environment do not allow for mono-functional views or practices. OPEN and DETERMINED operational cooperation with the various functions of our Group is the only path to efficiency in our supplier relations. Furthermore, the global and local dimensions of our operations require a smooth and efficient NETWORK-oriented collaborative approach.

Sanofi procurement academy

Our aim is to offer the most inspiring Procurement competency development program.

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