An internal mediator responsible for good relationships between Sanofi and its suppliers

Responsible for the relationship with its suppliers, Sanofi’s Procurement department seeks to continuously improve its procurement processes and systems while abiding by the ethical rules and good practices set by the Group.

We are committed to doing everything possible so that these relationships are responsible and that they are established in a framework of mutual trust while abiding by our respective rights and obligations.

In order to formalize this commitment and to assure its independence, Sanofi has placed the Internal Mediator role within its Corporate Social Responsibility department.

You may apply to the Internal Mediator once you feel that the difficulties that you have encountered in the context of your business relationships with Sanofi have not been able to be solved beforehand.

The Mediator’s key tasks are to:

  • Facilitate the coming together of the parties with neutrality, impartiality, and confidentiality to help them identify a solution;
  • Defend the agreement and not the parties. In this respect, the Mediator is neither judge nor arbitrator and does not give an opinion on the outcome of the dispute;
  • Relay internally the problems that are raised and the solutions provided as part of an approach for continuous improvement.

The Mediator undertakes to respond within a maximum period of one month from the date of receipt of the request.

To contact Sanofi’s internal mediator: Click here