Our Objectives

Contribute to Sanofi performance in obtaining within our ethical standards the highest suppliers cooperation for materials, goods & services at a total cost that represents the best value while leveraging our social and environmental responsibilities.

  1. Proactively build, operate and continuously develop a reliable, sustainable and highly efficient supplier’s base, fully aligned with Sanofi’s strategic and operational objectives while taking into account market risks and opportunities
  2. Design, operate and continuously improve a set of sustainable Procurement processes which deliver the best added value for the company in terms of quality, continuity of operations, competitiveness, differentiating innovation , return on capital employed, cash optimization and risk management …
  3. Establish and continuously improve an efficient Procurement organization, fully engaged with the businesses and the Corporate functions of Sanofi.
  4. Ensure full compliance of Sanofi supplier’s base and supplier’s relationships within CSR and ethical Sanofi standards.

Sanofi procurement academy

Our aim is to offer the most inspiring Procurement competency development program.

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