How we operate

We and our suppliers are serving a common purpose together: make our relationships productive, efficient and aligned with our operational and strategic objectives.

Our procurement infrastructure is addressing it with three major pillars:

  • A solid and flexible organization capable to operate locally everywhere where Sanofi has businesses and/or procurement sourcing activities; but also globally, to properly leverage our size and ensure competitive consistency and access to the various markets. Our organization is built on a category management system, where strategies are collaboratively defined and driven between global and local procurement organizations within a formal and mutually demanding connectivity with the various businesses.
  • A robust set of processes and information systems structuring our operations organizing its consistency over time and over geographies. In particular Category management (aiming at building and executing highly competitive strategies) is one of our backbone processes. It is deployed globally and in every region and country , where we operate, leveraging our relationships with our preferred suppliers and offering continuous business opportunities for our best existing suppliers while maintaining open and fair access to new comers.
  • A group of talented professionals mastering their procurement sector , understanding the Sanofi businesses and capable to collaboratively operate with their internal and external stakeholders within the Sanofi standards of ethics.

Sanofi procurement academy

Our aim is to offer the most inspiring Procurement competency development program.

Working at sanofi